Raspi3B - Free Version - Not possible to download any apk or other file

I'm new to emteria, not to IT :-) but at the moment I feel like a noob.
Managed to install emteria on a Raspi
Network via LAN works ..
Via WLAN too
Installed from internet the opengapp app..works
Try to install a opengapps package with it - fail, download stops if connected via LAN or WLAN
Try to install an apk with Fdroid - download stops if connected via LAN, works via WLAN

Why use opengapp? Playstore is the answer and then install Hangouts.

I'm sure it's a layer 8 problem. But where can I start to solve it?
Any ideas?



  • Works fine on any on my networks. How sure are you that the problem is in the OS?

  • All other Raspi with raspian, Linux boxes, Win boxes etc. work fine
    I have a Fritz 5790 DSL 100/40
    And it seems it only comes up with opengapps package zip.
    I will try now to download it with another system to an usb stick and install from there.

    BTW: is there another way to install the Hangouts app w.o. Playstore? Via Browser it seemed so lame.


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