CM3 resolution and compatibility

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I used Raspberry pi CM3 with its base-board then I need to ask someone who can share.

1. Is " emteria.OS v1.1.0 for Raspberry CM-DevKit " compatible with CM3+ ?

2. How can I change Display Resolution ? (In Display settings I saw just only 1280x720@60, there is no other choice)


  • 1. Yes
    2. Resolution list in setting is automatically generated based on EDID information from your display. If your display doesn't provide other modes, we cannot use them. If you wan to enforce something, you can try switching to FKMS overlay in config.txt with a predefined resolution mode.
  • Dear Kalkov,
    Thank you for your quick respond.
    I tried to change kms to fkms in config.txt then it cannot boot up any more.
    I have 2 compute modules, that are CM+ with 32GB emmc and CM+ Lite with 32GB SDcard. I try to flash your OS on both with the same environment and method then the module with SDcard has "Detected 23 supported resolution(s)" , but on the other hand has "Detected 0 supported resolution(s)" . I think there is something wrong. Can you tell me why?
    Thanks for your helps.
  • Because of hardware fault !!!
    Now it has been fix already.
    Thank you.
  • I'm glad to hear it worked.
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