Autokit APK not working on Pi4


I got Emteria running on a pi3B+ this works fine. Now trying to get system going on PI4. Emteria is installed and working ok.
However when i install the apk for my USB CarPlay dongle the app does not start at all. Tried several builds, now on nightly build. But it will not start again on the Pi3 it starts and works well.
Any idea how to solve?

Thank you! Stefan


  • Hi @StefanB , maybe the app is not suitable for Android 11? Check for the newest version of the app if possible :)

  • No, it is the newest and works on Android 11. Any idea?

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    You can take logs while starting the app to see what is happening and what goes wrong. We have a tutorial how to log with adb:

  • Will give it a try, thank you

  • A log file, in it are two tries for the APK it crashes as can be seen in the logs.

    Also many entries concerning USB device recognition, seems related to touchscreen USB connection

    Is this any use to you?

    log.txt 1020.1K
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