How to install after downloading ZIP files?

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I tried installing the OS as described in the setup guide for Windows. For some reason my USB flash drive is not recognized by the installer so I'm not able to flash the images onto it. But since the installer has an option to download instead of flash, I did that.

Now I have these files downloaded:

  • oem.zp
  • package.json

The 3 ZIP files each contain one IMG file and the package.json file seems to contain information about the partitions these images should be written to.

What can I do now to install the OS having these 4 files?



  • Hi @krisztian , the installer does not only flash those images onto the drive but also prepares the partitions table, which is a cumbersome process when performed manually.
    What kind of USB flash drive are you trying to use? Which device are you trying to prepare?

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