Emteria Installer ignoring my micro SD card

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Hi. I have a problem with using the Emteria installer. The installer is not detecting my micro SD card at all. I've tried to refresh for the new drive, reopen the installer, reinstall the installer, restart my computer, use many other micro SD cards, but still no luck, the same thing happened.

After some time, I've found out that the installer is ignoring my external drive (micro SD Card).
Here is the output of the Emteria Installer:

Refreshing drives
Ignoring system drive "Samsung MZVLB1T0HALR-000L2"
Ignoring external drive "Generic MassStorageClass USB Device"
Ignoring system drive "ST1000LM049-2GH172"
Found 0 drive(s)

I'm using the Sandisk 256GB micro SD Card with using the "exFat" format.
and using the Emteria Installer v1.1-37.

Can someone help me with this issue? Is it something wrong with my computer or what? Or I need to change or install something on my computer to make it works?



  • Hi @Izhar , there is nothing wrong with your system, this is expected behaviour. We are automatically ignoring drives larger than a certain size so that users do not accidentally choose their external hard drives. SD cards nowadays are reaching that size, which leads to your described issue. Can you try with a smaller SD card? We will discuss internally if it makes sense to increase the size we're filtering out.

  • Hello @smieschek, Thank you for the response.
    Now I can flash the OS to my smaller SD card with a capacity of 16GB.

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