Is there an easy way to support a Portrait boot mode

So far, the basic installation appears to be geared towards a landscape installation. The boot text, boot animation and android startup progress bar are all, by default designed for a landscape orientation.

For uses like myself you are deploying a portrait kiosk product, it looks a bit naf for the unit to boot in landscape on it's side and then spin to portrait when Android takes over. Also, during runtime, the screen will arbitrarily revert to landscape and spin to portrait as it 'catches up' with the user_orientation.

I have turned off accelerometer_orientation, Android auto-rotate has to be enabled (even though there is no accelerometer) because otherwise it get's locked to landscape (0degrees) and Emteria screen orientation is set to 270degrees. A script toggles between 270 and 90 depending on which way is up, but we never want 0 or 180.

I can see a way to redraw the boot animation to present a sideways landscape image, which would end up correct for portrait viewing, and I want to turn off boot text anyway (see other post) so that leaves the 'Android is starting' message. Before I start digging into frame_buffer directives in config.txt, it seems like this could all be handled as a product option which preconfigures the installation image. Is there any roadmap for this? Maybe it already exists? If so it would save me some time...!


  • @JonathanD sorry for coming back so late.
    I think you can get rid of the boot text by extending the cmdline.txt content with: quiet loglevel=0
    The boot animation itself can easily be rotated, but I guess you would like to use your own?
    As for the catching up with the user_orientation, that's somewhat more difficult. Do you have screen rotation lock enabled and home screen rotation allowed?

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