Raspberry Pi 4 (with emteria.OS v11.2.0) shuts down if no display connected

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I have 2 devices connected to a display over HDMI. 1 device is a Raspberry Pi 4 (with emteria.OS v11.2.0) and the other one is my workstation. I use a HDMI switch to toggle between these 2 devices. When I toggle to my workstation and after a few seconds back to the Raspberry Pi, then the screen is black and shortly after I see the Emteria splash screen. It turns out that the Raspberry Pi shuts-down as soon as it detects that the HDMI monitor is gone.

Q: Is there a way to prevent this shut-down?

FYI, the Raspberry Pi 4 is constantly powered over the USB-C port by a 5V/2.1A power supply.



  • Hey @Marlon ,
    That's expected Android behaviour. The main internal display is expected to be always connected to the device.
    Currently, there is no way to prevent this shut-down. Is it just out of convenience or crucial for your use case to switch the screen?

  • Hi @smieschek ,
    Thank you for your reply. We are using the Raspberry Pi's in an automated test environment to test our end product. Those set-ups are located in a different area. Now I'm using a HDMI switch because I'm working on the transition from Raspberry Pi 3B to Raspberry Pi 4.
    For our automated test set-ups we prefer to not have any monitor connected to them (we hardly do not use the UI). It saves in the electricity bill ;) . If we need to access them, then we use VNC (at least on the older set-ups that do have Raspberry Pi 3B's) to connect to them.

  • A short update on the topic for everyone interested: the latest nightly for RPi4 should include the headless boot support.

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