Raspberry Pi 3 B. Loaded the SD card and booted up. Stuck on "Writing system configuration..."

Raspberry Pi 3B with touch screen
Evaluation version
Not sure what to do now.


  • Hi @FozzieDriver,
    If it's still there after 10-15 minutes, there is no point in waiting any longer. If you have UART connected, I would be happy to receive a log from you :)
    Other than that I can only recommend to power off/on again. Is it the same behaviour, e.g. is it reproducible?

  • Thanks for your response smieschek
    Turns out it may be a power supply issue. I reinstalled the eval version onto the SD card and plugged the unit into the amplifier that has 5v 5a as my PC USB port is 5v 2a.
    The system did boot up then and I was able to go through the setup process.

    Now I am trying to figure out if I can side load the two apps I need to run for my car. One is a bluetooth arduino app that only runs on Android, the other is a paid app for interfacing with my vehicles ECU via USB and a VAG OBD2 cable. So far not sure how to do it.

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