Rpi3 - emteriaOS 1.3.0 - terminal window on HDMI output

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We are testing emteriaOS with Rpi3 and there is a strange problem:

  • emteriaOS starts, loads our APK
  • our APK works during a day, we can see online state in our server
  • APK turns off the screen at night
  • APK turn on the screen and reboot OS in the morning
  • however, after reboot is visible only terminal window on HDMI output, see attached image
  • APK is online in our server and we can see everything OK via VNC!
  • after click on reboot button via VNC, HDMI output is OK

How is possible that system renders video output correctly via VNC but wrong on HDMI?

BTW I can't upload image to this discussion ("The file failed to upload.") - https://share.ki-wi.cz/s10w


O. Esner


  • hi @kiwi That's an interesting issue. How do you turn of the screen at night via APK? And when turning the screen on afterwards, do you have correct HDMI output up until the reboot?

  • Hi @smieschek,

    screen is turned off and on via "input keyevent 26". HDMI cable is always connected to LCD.

    Terminal window isn't present every morning, we still haven't found scenario for reliable reproduction.

  • We have some new information:

    • Rpi3 has been stucked on blue boot EMTERIA logo today, adb refused connection
    • we have disconnected power and connected again - system boot to terminal window
      (the last text line the same as before)

    • VNC connection OK, our app online

    • we disconnected HDMI a connected again - terminal output is still present
    • here is logcat, power off/on at 8:45: https://share.ki-wi.cz/oUo0

    Can we send any command to HDMI via ADB or VNC to refresh HDMI output?

  • @kiwi Thanks for the log, but currently I'm out of ideas. I know you are also using RPi4. Do you use the same process there? And have you encountered similar behaviour?

  • Hi @smieschek ,

    no, RPi4 is OK with the same scenario. We try to do more tests with RPi3 to find a reliable test scenario.

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