Resize partition user data on the boot SDCard.

I installed Emteria on a 2GB Raspberry PI 4B on a 64GB SDCard. I have to extend the user data partition (which takes up about 8 GB) to occupy at least 24 GB of the SDCard, preferably all the free space. I tried extending it using GParted on a Linux Ubuntu computer. The partition extends but then Raspberry does not boot anymore: the green LED makes 4 quick flashes and then a pause, another 4 flashes and so on. Anyone have any suggestions to fix the problem? Thank you.


  • @Archimede1953 sorry for the late reply. I have the same behaviour when extending the userdata partition. The LED blinking means that the boot loader does not like the partitions anymore. Please write an email to with regard to this problem and I'll provide an extended userdata partition.

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