RPI4 Emteria Ethernet Settings

In the "Emteria Settings" app, there is an "Ethernet settings" option.

In v11.3.0, said option shows "IP settings" that are always blank (except for "IP settings" showing "Using DHCP").

In V11.3.16, there is a delay of several seconds, after which time "IP address" is shown as the actual IP address, but followed by a right square bracket. The "DNS address", "Gateway", and "Netmask" values remain empty (even though ifconfig shows that the interface has such settings).

Is this (including the garbage character in the IP address) expected behavior?



  • @boothroyd I remember an issue with reading the Netmask, but I cannot pinpoint in which nightly it was fixed. Can you try v11.3.17 if it still behaves that way?
  • @smieschek, this issue is still present in v11.3.17
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