Custom Resolution

Hello, I am attempting to make a 1280x390 screen work on my rPi3+ (4+ in the mail) and have been testing multiple systems trying to get the aspect ratio correctly displayed. In windows nvidia control panel i can set custom resolution 1280x390/1920x515/2560x780 with scaling off and it fills the screen and has correct aspect ratio. So far no luck in linux, but i did see the ability to change resolution in Emteria. However after trying it, i found on here as well that if it is not in the "supported" resolution list, it defaults to another resolution.

Is there a way to add to the "supported" resolution channel?

I will say that i am impressed with the performance of Emteria vs other android options and linux options i have tried.


  • just as an update, i was able to get the screen working correctly in another distro via
    hdmi_timings=1280 0 8 128 64 390 0 1 3 24 0 0 0 67 0 42009500 8
    Though not sure how i would go about that in emteria
  • @Skullzaflare The list of supported resolutions is not hardcoded but read via EDID from the display. What kind of display is that?
    As for the hdmi_timings, did you try to enter that in the config.txt?

  • @smieschek the screen is a cheapo 14.9" 1280x390 screen that the EDID is wrong from.
    On other OSs i did use ethe config.txt, however i did not realize that emteria had a config.txt file, so i did not try that.

  • @Skullzaflare Yes, please try that. Sorry to hear about the wrong EDID. At that point we rely on correct information of the manufacturer.

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