Provisioning emteria settings and kiosk


I'm trying to setup provisioning of the preferences of emteria Kiosk and emteria Settings. In the emteria knowledge base I found the way to enable kiosk mode (prefs_kiosk_enabled_key) and the allowed apps (prefs_allowed_apps), but I didn't find the preferences to hide the back and home buttons in kiosk mode and the preferences for "Keep awake" and "Screen orientation lock" in Emteria Settings.

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  • @bart, this is a very good question! I will double check with our dev team for those values. @smieschek do you know them by any chance?

  • Hi @bart,

    For the back button it is: prefs_hide_back_key
    and for the home button: prefs_hide_home_key

    When using the cmd editor it would be:

        "command": "changePreference",
        "package": "com.emteria.kiosk",
        "category": "com.emteria.kiosk_preferences",
        "key": "prefs_hide_back_key",
        "type": "bool",
        "value": true

    I'm looking into keep awake, but the screen orientation lock is something we are currently working on. I would come back to it, after we are done.

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