How to enter TWRP Recovery Mode in Emteria.OS 11.x(RPi4) like a RPi3?

edited November 2021 in OS features

I want to run TWRP recovery mode on RPI4 version of Emteria.OS 11.4.x.
I can't run it by rebooting in recovery mode like RPI3 version, is there any way to do it?




  • Hi @t_hayashi
    We are not using/supporting TWRP on RPi4, but the standard Android Recovery. So there is no straight forward way to boot into TWRP. Sorry!
    For private use you can try to compile TWRP on your own and replace it on the boot partition :)

  • @t_hayashi, please check the boot partition. There might be a pre-compiled version of TWRP recovery image available. You could try renaming it and checking if it boots.

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