QR Code Scanner

I need QR Code Scanner for Emteria using Camera in Raspberry Pi4 B but its getting crashed.
Can you tell me which vversion i should use to Scan QR Code?


  • Hi @Vinayak
    I'm using the QR Scanner from KIT: https://secuso.aifb.kit.edu/english/QR_Scanner.php
    It's also available on F-Droid.

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    Hi @smieschek
    I tried using the QR Scanner that you recommended but for me it doesn't work. It displays the first frame that the camera captures but very zoomed in. When I reload the App (force stop it and then open it again) the same issue occurs, first frame is displayed the entire time the app is open. Any special changes you made to get it working?

    Running fresh installation of emteria beta v11.5.0. Camera App works as it should using the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 connected to a Raspberry Pi 4

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