PasspointManager causing boot loop

As soon as WiFi is enabled on either my Raspberry Pi 4B or my CM4 with Emteria installed the device reboots. This issue has appeared in many other user cases on other forums under other versions of Android for RPi such as Lineage, OmniRom and the Android-rpi source that they are based on. The cause appears to be Passpoint. If a Hotspot 2.0 network is in range, the device will immediately reboot without fail. I'm trying to figure out how to disable Passpoint on an OS level but the Android documentation on this is a bit confusing:

"Conversely if device implementations do not include support for Wi-Fi Passpoint:

[C-2-1] The implementation of the Passpoint related WifiManager APIs MUST throw an UnsupportedOperationException."


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    Hi @Carbonizer , I've never heard of such an issue. Can you reproduce it? Any possibility to log via UART during that, see:

  • Here is my logcat:

    AlticeWifi (the network listed that when present causes the device to crash) is a Passpoint service that appears everywhere in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens as well as much of NJ, CT, etc. I believe that the reason that you are previously unaware of this issue is that many users do not reach the point that they realize what is causing their issues and give up on Android on RPi altogether. Ultimately, the ideal solution would be to work with AOSP creators and Android-rpi creator to properly disable Passpoint as it appears not to be functional.

    Based on the datasheets for both the CYW43455 (Pi 4B) and CYW43456 (CM4), neither include support for 802.11u (Passpoint/Hotspot 2.0). According to AOSP, Passpoint should be disabled in instances where the protocol is not supported. Until repaired, Wifi will not be a viable option for residents of NYC and presumably other cities with public Wifi hotspots throughout the city.

  • The problem was actually just solved on LineageOS by editing /system/apex/ to disable Passpoint.

  • @Carbonizer thanks for reporting, the logs and basically the solution. I'm sure we will be able to apply a similar fix to emteria.OS for RPi4/CM4/RPi400. I'll let you know when you can test it in a nightly, but it might take a little due to many Christmas vacations.

  • No problem! Glad to test it out once there's a fix. I believe the solution in this case was to basically gut a lot of the code from the requestANQP method within the classes.dex so that it doesn't perform any actual processes. I'm not sure if this is the BEST solution but it seems to work without issue.

  • Hey @Carbonizer ,
    We've disabled the requestANQP, but cannot test it. It should be part of nightly v11.5.13 on RPi4. Can you please give it a try?

  • @Carbonizer Did you already have a chance to try it out?

  • I was encountering the same problem and switched to the most up to date (As of Jan 20, 2024) nightly version for the Raspberry Pi 4B and the problem went away.

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