ADB over usb CM4 IO board

Hi everyone,

Does it's possible to use ADB over USB on CM4 IO board.

I enabled it in developers options and tried to enable the OTG option in the /boot/config.txt

What else needs to be performed to use the ADB and install apps over USB.



  • Hi @h3lgi ,
    I personally haven't tried it, but that also would have been my approach. But let's take a step back. Why do you want to use ADB over USB in the first place? In emteria Settings you can enable ADB over Ethernet and install apps that way. Does that work for you?

  • Hi @smieschek,

    I also want to control some stuff on the application level through ADB and USB cable on my project and unfortunately, on my custom PCB there is no ethernet port and I want to avoid using the WiFi

  • sorry @h3lgi we don't support it out of the box, but let us know if you have found a way to configure it as we have been asked a few times so far

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