Chipsee Products

Has anyone tried Emteria on any Chipsee products? - Industrial PC or Industrial Pi? They have both CM3 and CM4 products.


  • We tried Emteria on Chipsee LCD 7" with CM4 on board.
    The system i working almost fine, apart from the LCD at startup, which is showing strange colors palette. We fix that, turning off and on the display as soon the startup is complete.

  • Thanks for the feedback @Aurelio
    What advantages/disadvantages do you see between the Chipsee LCD and the official RPi Touchscreen in general?

  • Quality of the chipsee LCD 7" is really good and the resolution is higher (1024600).
    Official raspberry pi it's lower resolution (800
    600) and I will not use it in industrial enviroment

  • @Aurelio thanks for this information!

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