App that runs on Pi 3B+ not working on Pi 4

We have an app that has been runiing on P3B+ for a while now but I am trying to transition to Pi 4. The app itself looks for an object file to run. When the app starts, it goes to /sdcard/MyAppFolder to find the object file it should load. Works fine on a 3 but on a 4 it comes up "Not found". I have tried chmodding it and my folder to no avail. Has anyone else had this type of issue?


  • One other thing that is different. Under the 3B+ OS the app asks for Super User priviledges which we can set up. There isn't an option for this on the Pi 4 and in the app settings it is only set to access media but I cannot select anything else such as files.

  • @workinonit Many things changed from Android 7 to Android 11. Especially, in Android 10 app access to certain partitions is restricted / scoped, see: and adjust your app accordingly

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