Persist Screen Rotation after reboot


How can I persist the 90º setting of screen rotation on the Pi4, v11.3.0.

As of now, after reboot it turns back in 0º all the time.



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    Hi @Anderson ,
    That's a know issue with v11.3.0, see
    Please update to v11.6.0 where the issue was resolved.

  • Hi @smieschek ...

    For the quick response. Good to know about rotation fix.... but to work with this solution I'll run into another problem.

    I am still using 11.3 because of issues of screen resolution + brightness strange behaviors (with monitor I already use just fine with 11.3 and previous versions).

    On this device I asked for rotation, for instance, v11.6 breaks screen / resolution.

    Can I submit some report / logs for you to check? If yes, guide me trough how I get them, please.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Hello!

    For now, I'll keep 11.3.x version and use the workaround indicated in the link you sent.

    Will test 11.6.x in some weeks from now to check an updated version.



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    Hi @Anderson
    I see some brightness issues with 11.6.0 which we will fix in an upcoming version.
    What screen are you using? (manufacturer/model) And can you describe in detail what behaviour you are seeing that you describe as "breaks screen"?

    A bugreport would also be very helpful. It's described in this article how to send one:

  • Hi!

    All fixed running fine in 11.8.x

    I use Elo touch 15" widescreen monitors.

    Thanks a lot! Sorry for the late response.

  • @Anderson thanks for the feedback!

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