Screen resolution won't change

I have a rpi model 4b
I try to change the screen resolution by changing file config.boot and build.prop and it won't work(i want 1280x720) as suggested in multiple post here

I also try with mdm by pushing a command but still won't work after reboot resolution is still 1920x1080,

Any clue on what i did wrong??


  • @Arist0v Have you tried to change the resolution through the RPi Settings? On Android 11 the settings are a little bit hidden under Settings -> System -> Advanced -> RPi Settings
    There is a list of supported resolutions as indicated by your display and you can request a certain resolution.

  • @smieschek i tries to look into settings, but since the UI is really slow(this is why i want to look into a smaller resolution since i saw this could be the issue) i have lot of difficulty to reach the settings page

  • I can confirm.putting a smaller resolution improve the issue, it would be nice to have a config.txt entry for that(lowres = 1) or something like that

  • @Arist0v thanks for the feedback, we'll discuss internally with our developers if that's possible

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