App Restart


I was wondering if you have some kind of system solution for restarting app after crash. Currently i'm using pendingIntent and alarmMenager but this solution leaves the acces to kiosk menu for few seconds between crash an reboot, which is not ideal.
Thans in advance for any feedback on this issue


  • Hi @kamilOchal ,
    We don't have a system solution for restarting crashed apps. Best practice would probably be to have another app as a service, which checks if the observed app is running and if not starts it.
    I'm not aware of any system offering restarting crashed apps. Do you know any solution?
    Is it just a precaution or what's the use-case where this is needed?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for quick answer. It's mostly a precaution for vending screen use-case.

  • @kamilOchal I see. Have you seen such a feature anywhere?

  • I don't have specific example but it seems like something that vending screen should have just in case.

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