Emteria V11.8.0 no touch screen support on 3rd party KENOWA 1920x1080 display with Pi4

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Hi folks.

New to Emteria and first-ever attempt to setup a Raspberry Pi 4 with Android and Apps. I have a multi-boot SD card with Touch Screen working on the below display no issues with 3-4 standard OS builds (Pi default, Ubuntu etc). However my new SD with Emteria has no touchscreen functioning. I believe this is a known issue? This is needed as I am booting to this display as a wall mounted kiosk-mode device.

Any ideas from users - or thoughts on future support (or try older build for possible support)? Thanks.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Touchscreen-Monitor-KENOWA-1920x1080/dp/B08SC6BDBH?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1

Details: 13.3 inch Portable touch screen display Kenowa mobile display Ultra-thin display 1920x1080, 2 standard HDMI ports and DC power supply, USB port, full HD IPS touch screen compatible switch XBOX PS4 laptop Raspberry Pi


  • Submitting a bug report to match to this post :)

  • Known issue link? https://emteria.com/kb/known-issues-rpi4
    "Newer versions of the official touchscreen do not register touch events (up next!)"

    Also getting the Android Notification:
    “Serial console enabled
    Performance is impacted. To disable, check bootloader”

  • HI @Sheeds

    The known issue is only related to the official RPi touchscreen, it should also be fixed by now.

    The Android Notification can be removed by disabling developer messages:

    It doesn't impact performance, it's more of a configuration hint.

    As for your touch issue, I couldn't find an explanation in the submitted bugreport. Maybe some kernel modules are missing, but that's a wild guess. As we don't have such a display at hand, I cannot really tell. You can install Raspberry Pi OS and check what kernel modules are loaded when the touch is connected.

    Fastest way would be to rebuild the kernel yourself with the needed modules and exchange it on the boot partition. Our kernel can be found here: https://github.com/emteria/kernel_brcm_rpi

  • Thanks for reviewing the bug report and the post/suggestions above! I have another SD card with multi boots - so I can investigate this. May need to enroll further assistance (phone-a-friend) to a Dev pro who can help me with the last bit! :)

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