Problem with enterica.OS v11.0.13 on Intel NUC7i3BNH (x86 Celadon Android)

I've installed the OS version enterica.OS v11.0.13 on an Intel NUC, however I cannot activate the device: both methods fail with “Unknown error, please contact support”. I’ve noticed in “Emteria Settings” that in “Account options” the “Device name” was “Unnamed” and in “System options” the “Installed version” was “emteria.OS v0.0.0”. Something went wrong in the installation?


  • Hi @rgarella
    The Intel NUC image is a nightly, which we still develop, meaning that not all functionality that you might know from the RPi image is yet available/functioning.
    May I ask what your use-case is?

  • Hi smieschek,
    of course! We would like to use emteria.OS on some totems, in "Kiosk Mode"; we tried on a raspberry pi4, but the video performance is not adequate, so we would like to use a different hardware device to overcome this problem. Is there a "certified" hardware platform that we could use instead of the RPI4 or INTEL NUC that guarantees high multimedia performance?

  • @rgarella Is it just one POC or how many devices do you consider to roll-out?
    Hardware always highly depends on your requirements. The RPi4 has known issues with a few codecs on high resolutions. We've made great experiences with the RockPi 4B with regard to video performance.
    Are you content with the performance of the NUC? It will take us a few more weeks to bring the x86 emteria image live, but depending on your timeline the NUC might still be a valid option.

  • @smieschek We are currently involved in the construction of some prototypes; the performance of the NUC is adequate and we will certainly follow the evolution of the x86 emteria image. In the meantime we will definitely try the RockPi 4B. Thank you very much!

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