Emteria with CarlinKit Wired carplay/android auto adapter screen issues

I am using Raspberry Pi 4 with the official Raspberry 7 inch touchscreen in combination with the Carlin Autokit.apk

All seem to work well, but I am getting a split in screen resolution with the bottom half of the screen with a green haze. I have tried different USB cables and same result. I also know it works on a different Android build (KonstaKANG)

Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong !


  • @SimonOnSecurity What emteria version did you try? Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like?
    Did you try Android 11 or 13 of KostaKANG?

  • I am using enteria latest version (11.8.0) and LineageOS 19 - KonstaKANG (Android 12L)
    Many thanks :-)

  • @SimonOnSecurity It looks like a similar issue we have solved. Can you try 11.9.0 please :)

  • Thanks you :-) .. one last question, how do I update the OS .. I have tried the System Update in OS and it says it is up to date - and only 11.8.0 is available in the OS Installer ?

  • @SimonOnSecurity The 11.9.0 is currently in beta as we are performing long term internal testing. You can either change the update channel in the update app on the device to beta; or in the installer change the channel from live to beta.

  • It works :-) I worked out that you needed to download the beta - also worth saying that I had to change the Decode method to Software in the Car Play settings - thanks for all your help

  • Glad it worked, enjoy :)

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