Installed version now shows v0.0.0

I have Emteria running on a RPi 3 and since I performed an update with the Nightly last week (I guess I haven't checked until now), I have Installed Version showing as v0.0.0 and it won't check for updates (I guess not a huge surprise on that).

Any advice about how to resolve?



  • Restored a backup to version 7.6.1 as soon as I take the offered update to 7.6.4 and let it update, it shows
    installed version is v0.0.0. Looks like a problem with your Nightly builds after 7.6.1 at some point.

  • Any update on this are the builds fixed?

  • Hi @simpz ,
    Thanks für reporting. That bug is part of a bigger change in another project. We will fix it eventually, but it might take some time. Any reason you are using a nightly and not the v7.6.0?
    It's generally the case that we might have to break stuff in nightlies during feature development.
    See for an explanation about version numbers.

  • The only reason I was that other builds had seemed to have stopped a while back when I checked.

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