No suitable licenses found

Using a Raspberry Pi 4 B and the latest OS version. when trying to register for a trial license I get the above message; I have checked my account login and that seems OK; where am I going wrong?



  • Hi @JBIOM ,
    This error message means that you don't have any unused licenses on your account. Have you redeemed your voucher for your first three devices? You should have gotten a second e-mail with your voucher code after registration.
    See how to redeem your code.

  • @smieschek Thank you for that post, it clicked what the hell I was doing wrong. I was sure it was something simple and your post was the nudge.

    Now just need to work out why it is running so slow and keeps popping up 'not responding' but that might be fixed with a reboot.

  • @gordon861 Glad that helped :)

    After the first boot Android is optimizing the default apps for the underlying hardware, so the system might be slower in the first minutes, but it should not be "not responding". If that doesn't go away after 15 minutes of idle and a reboot, you may take a look at the SD card as it might be the bottleneck:

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