Rasberry Compute Module 4 PoE board

edited November 2022 in Supported devices

I am designing a unit using the Waveshare Rasberry Compute Module 4 PoE board.

The purpose of the unit is to act as an interface between a DJI drone flight controller and a display and or FPV goggles, running DJI android software.

The connections are:

Display connection through HDMI port works/USB connection to the DJI flight controller doesn’t.

I have tried this previously with other android devices, and it works great.

However when I connect the controller to the Compute board 4, the DJI software which uses thr CM4 usb port doesn’t recognize the flight controller.

Has anyone experienced any similar issues connecting a device via USB. I can explain more the setup if required.

I am interested in how others might have debugged this issue?

Are there additional USB configuration not default in Emteria, that I would need to setup for it to recognize a hardware USB controller device, that would be default on majority of most android tablets out of the box?

Appreciate anyone’s input ans ideas.



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