USB touchscreens not working

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Hi, I'm trying to get a chinese USB touchscreen to work. When investigating the issue, I found that USB touchsceens are not enabled in the kernel!

Could you please enable and distribute an update? The module is CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_COMPOSITE, and it includes lots of drivers.


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    Thank you @henris42,
    Can you tell me what device and what emteria version you've come across that?

  • Device says HD DISCLB 7inch, model CLB7INH. Its an Aliexpress unit.

    Emteria is latest version on RPI4.

  • I had the a problem with a USB touch monitor in both Linux and Emteria with the latest firmware and latest Emteria. I had to update the EEPROM settings for the device in order for it to boot and run.

    sudo -E rpi-eeprom-config --edit


  • @henris42 We've added CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_COMPOSITE in 13.2.0; can you try with that version?

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