Raspberry Pi 4B GSM module


As stated in known issues, EmteriaOS for Raspberry Pi 4B currently doesn't support GSM connection via USB or GPIO. I'm working on a system for my car and it would be nice to know if this feature would be available in the near future (like months) or it's better to stick to different solution?

If it wouldn't be available in some time, what is the recommended way of obtaining internet access in such situations?


  • Hi @Kacper
    Supporting GSM is not planned for RPi4. The issue is manifold, but the dominant one is that it's not possible to support multiple GSM modules at the same time. Android has to be adjusted to support one specific module. We do offer custom images and it's something we could realize, but the effort and thus the cost could only be justified when used on some hundred devices.

    For a personal project I would recommend to try to get internet access through Ethernet; that's plug and play. I never tried, but there must be GSM modules that have an Ethernet connector, or maybe use a GSM USB dongle with some usb to ethernet adapter. But that's really just brainstorming and something you need to look into, if and what is compatible.

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