How can I install emteria version 11.3?

Hi, my app only works with emteria 11.3.
It stopped working, so i want to reinstall version 11.3 but I cannot select that version any more.
Please help because my app doesn't work with other versions (including the latest version)
please advise, thank you.


  • I should mention that I am using RPi4 and the only options available to select are more recent versions. Any advice?

  • Hi @telica
    The images are cached locally at AppData\Local\Emteria\Emteria.OS Installer
    If you still have the image you can flash from local image (under the credentials in the installer)
    If you don't have it, let me know.

    But I would rather find a solution so that your app runs on the newest version, preferably an Android 13 based one. What is the issue with your app?

  • i see, thank you. yes, i did have the data, so I am doing it from local.
    My game had issues when running on other versions. For instance the intro video did not play on other versions (the intro video is embedded in the app, running using a unity function). That was just the first issue, there were many other issues with the game last time I tried to play it, so I cannot be bothered trying to fix everything, when it works fine on 11.3. I am happy with 11.3, thank you for your help.

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