BT crashes on connecting to BT device

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Hello: I have 2 test apps I have tried, and they both seem to have the same issue.

Device: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
Emteria.OS: 13.3.0
BLE device: CC2650 Sensor Tag

Scanning works, but then after I call:

  • bluetoothLeScanner.stopScan(leScanCallback)
  • scanResult.device.connectGatt(application, true, gattCallback)

I've also run the Apps on Samsung Tab3 Active Pro running Android 11 without issue.

I see the following in the logs (I've attached files for the full copy of the log error from both test apps)

packages/modules/Bluetooth/system/gd/hci/ OnCommandComplete: Received command complete with op_code LE_REMOVE_DEVICE_FROM_FILTER_ACCEPT_LIST
2023-02-12 19:26:51.576 5263-5488 bluetooth pid-5263 A assertion 'op_code == OpCode::NONE' failed - Received COMMAND_COMPLETE event with OpCode 0x2016 (LE_READ_REMOTE_FEATURES) without a waiting command(is the HAL sending commands, but not handling the events?)
2023-02-12 19:26:51.576 5263-5488 libc pid-5263 A Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -1 (SI_QUEUE) in tid 5488 (bt_stack_manage), pid 5263 (droid.bluetooth)
2023-02-12 19:26:51.673 6709-6709 crash_dump64 pid-6709 I obtaining output fd from tombstoned, type: kDebuggerdTombstoneProto
2023-02-12 19:26:51.674 246-246 tombstoned pid-246 I received crash request for pid 5488


  • Hi @ScottC
    Thanks for the detailed description. Can you share the test apps, so we can try to reproduce the issue in our lab? You can also DM me, if you don't want to share them publicly.

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    Hi @smieschek I put together an example that seems to have a similar issue.

    You can find it here:

    Note: You have to manually give the App permission (it doesn't prompt you)


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