Video decoding on RPI4


I'm writing an app using flutter that need video playback which on version 11.11 does not work. Videos does not start on RPI4, when i tried it on other android devices problem never occurred so i think it must be something on the system level.


  • Hey @kamilOchal

    We currently don't support video decoding on RPi 4. There is a high possibility that we will add support for Android 13 in the foreseeable future. Is there a possibility of switching to Android 13 for you?

  • Hi,

    thanks for answer. When I tried to switch to Android 13 version I encountered an problem, in version 11 I attribute input device to specific display using input-port-associations.xml file in /vendor/etc folder, however in Android 13 file structure changed i couldn't do it.

  • Is video decoding supported in version 13.4? I have tried to playback a 4k video with VLC player, but it doesn't work.

  • @berrybliss very much depends on the codec of the video; but usually only 1080p videos work without stuttering

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