Reading the emteria OS version

Is there any API to read the emteria OS version?

I tried using the standard build global class but this is ther result

BuildVersion: SdkVersion: 25
BuildVersion: ReleaseVersion: 7.1.2
BuildVersion: Codename: REL
BuildVersion: Incremental: eng.root.20220503.170422

while the shown emteria version is


  • @asso On the device itself there should be a property "ro.vendor.release.version" with the emteria.OS version. You can use getprop to get it. But I'm not 100% sure if it's already on v.7.4.0, might need to update to v7.6.0
    There is also an API to get the device state, see
    What are you trying to achieve with the version? Depending on the use-case the second approach might make more sense.

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