USB boot not working

Im using a raspberry pi 4b gb1 ram, and for some reason, it comes up with the error "failed to load 'uboot.scr.uimg'"

what do i do?


  • Hey @wat ,
    currently, we don't support USB boot, only SD-card and eMMC are presently supported.

  • welp i'm out of luck... my only sd card is 256gb and I would like it to be "writable" so I could use it. I could manually do all the partitioning and it would work but it would probably fail

  • Can you clarify as to which Raspberry Pi configurations support booting from eMMC? Are there installation instructions posted on how to install and configure for eMMC boot?

    It's unfortunate that USB boot is not supported since the SD Card results in a significant performance penalty.

  • @wat what do you mean by writable? I know that our installer probably doesn't recognize the sd card as it's rather large, but the RPi Imager should work for that.

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