Enable Raspberry Pi 4B SPI GPIO Interface

Hello All,

it is easy to enable the SPI interface in Emteria OS 7.6 on Rasp 3 B+. Just add "dtparam=spi=on" in config.txt.

I try the same approach in Emteria OS 13.3 on Rasp 4. It does not work.

Does anybody known, if SPI is supported on Rasp 4 ? If yes, how to Enable it ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


  • Hi @jshen

    In theory it should work the same under Android 13. How are you testing/using the SPI?
    Only think that comes to my mind is that maybe some kernel modules you require are not included anymore. You can see our kernel config here: https://github.com/emteria/kernel_brcm_rpi/blob/v5.15.94/arch/arm64/configs/bcm2711_aosp13_defconfig

    The CONFIG_SPI_SPIDEV module needs to be loaded manually now and the CONFIG_MMC_SPI is not included. Do you require any of these?

  • Hi @smieschek ,
    I am having a similar issue, using SC16IS752, specifically https://www.waveshare.com/2-ch-rs232-hat.htm.
    I added "dtoverlay=sc16is752-spi1" to /boot/config.txt but it does not work.
    Hardware works fine on raspberry pi 4b with Raspberry Pi OS and Ubuntu.

  • Hi @bolekro
    Which RPi Model and what emteria.OS version?
    The overlay should be present in principle. You could check dmsg if it's loaded.
    You should also rather use config-overrides.txt

    https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/2-CH_RS232_HAT also mentions a int_pin. Did you look into that?

  • Thanks for prompt reply.
    OS version 13.4.0.
    int_pin is optional, only required if not using default, which I am (using the same config on Ubuntu on PI).
    I migrated to config-overrides.txt to prevent loss on update.
    What should I look for in dmesg? I tried 'dmesg | grep sc16" but nothing is found.

  • Yes, that's what I would have grepped as well. When you are booting Ubuntu on Pi does it appear in dmesg?

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