This service allows sftp connections only

I have just installed

Emteria version 13.3.0
Android version 13
Android timestamp 1675944107

On a Raspberry Pi 4

I have setup the necessary keys as described here although I wasn't able to run adb as root on the new server connection and it responded with adbd cannot run as root in production builds when I ran adb root after connecting so I had to run various shell commands with sushell to get there.

I can connect from my Windows system using WinSCP and the appropriate private key, but when I try to use ssh, I get the message indicated in the title.

Do I need to modify one or more of the files in /data/ssh to get ssh connection

Cheers, Grant


  • HI @Grant

    In emteria settings there are two settings: one for SSH server and one for SFTP server:

    They are both running on port 22 by default. Do you have only SSH server enabled? If not please try with disabled SFTP server.

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