Emteria Android for Raspberry PI small summary

I'm searching for the possibility of starting APK on RPI 3B+ or RPI CM4 and tried Emteria.
It works somehow but:

  1. For RPI 3B+ available only Android 7 version. it is very outdated for me
  2. 11.11.0 not working on CM4 and hangs on the logo
  3. 11.8.0 works on CM4 but there are no Android settings at all (only Emteria settings), no file browser, even f-droid not working and firmware works with lags

Is anybody get it working?



  • Hi @testbomber

    1. I totally understand, but unfortunately we cannot provide a newer Android version on RPi3. The hardware is just limited and the performance, especially RAM wise, just doesn't cut the cake.
    2. That's interesting. What kind of display are you using? HDMI or DSI?
    3. Android settings should always be there, we don't remove them. Are you looking in the drawer? What kind of CM4 module are you using? RAM / eMMC?

    We are about to release Android 13 for the CM4. You could give the nightly a shot.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. Please find my clarifications below

    1. HDMI
    2. Standard RPI IO Board + CM4 - CM4102000 - 2GB, Wifi, no eMMC, using SD card. I have searched where it usually should be but without success.

    Oh, thanks for nightly hint I will try

  • Automatic nightly build 13.0.1 build, timestamp 1690984911. Reboot, Reboot and one more time reboot after kernel loading

  • @smieschek Any suggestion?

  • @testbomber not really, I have almost the same setup, except the 4GB RAM version of the CM4, but 2 GB should be enough. If I understood correctly, you don't even get to the bootanimation?
    Do you have a UART Bridge to get some logs? You might try a different SD card, but that's a wild guess.
    Do you have any other periphery connected?

  • I can connect UART for additional logs. Bootanimation was first time once and then restart.

  • @testbomber, please mount your sdcard in your laptop/PC and edit the cmdline.txt file. Change serial2 to serial0 to get the full kernel log during the boot via connected UART.

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