Error MMC0:1 no Boot after USB install of Android 13 OS

I have a Raspberry Pi4B 4GB, bootloader # 1/1/23. I've tried USB Flash drives 32GB Sans Ultra, a 64GB Pen Drive, and an NVME 500GB Samsung in a USB adapter. Using the RPi Imager, and also the Emteria OS installer. All give same error on boot :

Card did not respond to voltage select! : -110
Couldn't find partition mmc 0:1
Can't set block device

I'm guessing the boot is set to only SDcard. Any other options?

PS Also I'm getting errors and issues with your user login password reset, and logging into Forum/Website Dashboard, had to create new user could get reset, some error on token for cookies I'm going to have to try another browser. Still testing, anybody else?



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