Accessing /data partition?

I'm trying to follow the "instructions" in - but am restricted access to the init-scripts in /data.
I'm trying from termux (but also "adb shell" fails).
What am I doing wrong? (I wish a had a sudo/su command, or could figure out how to use SuShell).

This is on version v13.4.0.


  • Ok, I found the way through. I was looking for a way to get the SuShell GUI to grant su-access to termux. It turns out that one just has to start the "sushell" (in /vendor/bin/) executable from the remote "adb shell".

    (Of some reason, this executable does not work from termux in Emteria 13.4.0... In Emteria 11.11.0 I reckon it lived in /system/xbin/sushell and did in fact work from termux)

  • @Egholm yes, you are right. You can open sushell from adb shell and access data. Not sure how it behaves with termux.
    I've tried to add that information to

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