corrupt on download

I'm getting an MD5 checksum error on Compressed file can't be viewed by windows. All other .zip files from download are ok. Is there somewhere I can manually DL the packages rather than using the installer? I've tried several DLs, reboots, and reinstalls of the installer.

+03:41 (, 0) Starting step 1 : Verifying files
+03:41 (, 0) "" failed MD5 verification
+03:41 (, 0) Expected "3d74e016a9351724ad7ffc3f86d82ad2" , but computed "0bac1bfb9dfb902e52887fe7cf868740"

Installer ends here


  • I was able to get the file downloaded

  • Glad you could solve it. For others stumbling upon this, on windows the downloaded images are saved under C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Emteria\Emteria.OS Installer
    When the checksum fails, try deleting the file there and redownload.

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