ArduCam 64

I'm trying to test an ArduCam 64 as a UVC camera. At present, the camera does not get listed as an available camera device when querying the Android Camera API for the list of available cameras. Similarly, the camera is not accessible through the built-in camera app. All is fine with the Logitech UVC camera that I have been testing with. Any chance that support for the ArduCam 64 will be added in the near future?


  • If you look in /boot/config.txt you'll find the following line:


    This makes sure the kernel module for the official Raspberry Pi Camera is loaded. You'll probably have to specify the correct kernel module for the ArduCam 64. If you do this in /boot/config-overrides.txt your changes will be kept during Emteria updates.

  • I have the understanding that dtoverlay was not used for UVC cameras, and is only used for cameras connected to the CSI connector. Perhaps my understanding is incorrect. I'll investigate the option of adding the dtoverlay (assuming one exists for the ArduCam 64). Thank you for the suggestion.

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    FYI. I did test by adding in the dtoverlay for the ArduCam 64. That did not provide a solution. In fact, adding that overlay resulted in no camera devices functioning properly. I suspect the ArduCam 64 dtbo is not yet supported with Android. My testing also seemed to confirm that device specific dtoverlays do not need to be added for UVC devices. I tested with a Logitech camera that uses a different sensor but does support UVC and it functions fine without the sensor's dtoverlay specified in config.txt.

  • hi @stevencase
    I think you are right in that UVC cameras don't need the overlay. I couldn't find the ArduCam as a UVC camera, do you have a link to the model you are using?
    I guess some kernel module might be missing, you can check what modules are loaded on a linux system for that camera. Afterwards you can check if that module is included in our kernel:

  • The following is a link for the USB version of the camera:

    I'll take a look at the kernel. I've been testing several other UVC cameras and capture devices. So far I have found only one such device that works as expected. The rest either are not recognized at all or they are recognized but the capture resolution is fare less than the maximum resolution supported by the UVC device. Perhaps digging into the kernel will provide insight into the limitations that I am experiencing, which are preventing me from adapting the Emteria OS for my work.

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