official Raspberry-pi Camera are not working in latest version of Android 13 os?

I have bought the new camera module (Camera module 3 NOIR) from raspberry pi official website..(Its a strip camera)
I have join and made my connection... but when ever I tried to open the default camera app... its not working..
I have also gone to setting of it and allow the permission, but still I app is not working (its says: "Camera stop Working")
is their any driver i need to install, or any other step that i 'am missing?
please help!!! :-camera module link


  • Hi @chaitanya
    It might be that the wrong kernel module gets loaded. Can you mount the boot partition and look into the config.txt
    Try to change the line:

    This is just to test, if the camera will than work. Note that this change will be overwritten after OTA update.

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