Raspberry Pi 4 8gb crash-looping

Raspberry Pi 4, 8gb
Sandisk Ultra 32gb micro SD card
4k monitor
USB keyboard

Emteria Live channel

When I apply power it shows the multicolor square, then a few lines of text, then repeats that cycle.
Two of the lines of text look a bit suspicious:

WARN halted endpoint, queueing URB anyway.
Unexpected XHCI event TRB, skipping... (then four hex numbers, I took a photo and can type them in if that would help).

I'm downloading 13.5.0 now and will try that next.


  • Same results with 13.5.0.

    This is a brand-new Raspberry Pi 4B, 8GB, right out of the package.

    I'm using a Raspberry Pi power supply as well, 5.1v, 3A, with a USB-C connector.


  • @NateW
    Do you have anything connected via USB? Can you try without any peripherals connected?
    The screenshot might help, you should be able to upload it here. Other than that unfortunately the only option to get logs in this phase is an UART bridge. If you have one, here is the tutorial: https://emteria.com/kb/connect-uart-rpi

  • Thanks for your help! There was a keyboard attached (Microsoft Natural 4000), and removing it allowed the system to boot properly.

    After reconnecting the keyboard I was able to go through the initial setup and reach the Android desktop. And now it is able to boot with the keyboard attached. Apparently it is only a problem for the first boot.

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