Rpi5 - Official Display

Just a quick question. Is the Official Raspberry Pi 7 display fully supported on Rpi5 with Emteria?
Do you have an approx timeline as to when Emteria will move out of Preview and into fully supported on Rpi5?


  • Sorry, I don't have a timeline to share for the RPi5. Honestly, we focus on two other customer boards. If we see some more demand for the RPi5 we will definitely prioritise it. So if you have an interesting use-case feel free to reach out to sales@emteria.com

  • More a personal use case.
    Will the RPi5 maybe get dropped by you if there isn't more interest (just from what you are saying)?

  • @simpz
    Definitely not dropped, but at the moment we are just trying to get a stable version for RPi5 and actively developing for RPi4 v14. As time passes we will shift more and more to the RPi5. It's just the case that almost all of our users deploy RPi4s and I don't see this trend changing this year.

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