SSH not logining

Error Showing up on putty

Asking for login name & password

what to enter?

Error:No Supported authentication methods available


  • We don't support password-based authentication for now. As stated in the setup wizard, you need a public/private key pair. Add your public key to emteria.OS and add your private key to putty. Then it will work.

  • How to add public/private key pair in to emteria.OS>?

  • adb connect [IP address]
    adb root

    adb connect [IP address]
    adb push /data/ssh/authorized_keys
    adb reboot

    ssh root@[IP address]

  • You could also generate keys on the device itself using the following shell commands:

    ssh-keygen -f /data/ssh/id_rsa -t rsa -N ''
    (those are two single quotes)
    cat /data/ssh/ > /data/ssh/authorized_keys
    chmod 600 /data/ssh/authorized_keys
    rm /data/ssh/

    Then you can pull /data/ssh/id_rsa and use it with your SSH client.

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    I installed terminal Emulator and ran the above commands. I then ran the last instruction pull /data/ssh/id_rsa/sdcard, and got
    /system/bin/sh: pull: not found.
    As I will like to put the key in putty on my window machine.
    By restarting the steps it will just wipe the keys already built, to confirm.

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    Pull is an ADB command, not an Android shell command. Try:

    adb pull "file_to_pull" "destination"

  • I really need some guidance here.
    I open Terminal Emulator I see rpi3:/$
    ssh-keygen -f /data/ssh/id_rsa -t rsa -N ''
    I am getting permission denied.
    I have set adb on my linux box I am able to establish a connection to the Pi.

  • I decided to use putty, I generated the public & private keys, now I need to push this public key into the file ~/ssh/authorized_keys, how do I make this file and set chmod 600 permissions. touch is not working in android.

  • For those newbies on Android, I write the procedure I followed, to get adb running on a Linux box, and set up ssh on Emteria OS.
    ( I am sure this can be done on VM with persistence.).

    Follow the link in this post to use putty to generate the two ssh-keys. Save the .ppk. make a file called Authorized_keys. Highlight, paste and save the public keys in this file.

    I use a Linux box as root to do all:
    apt-get update
    apt-get install android-tools-adb
    apt-get install android-tools-fastboot
    check all installed run.

    Connect the Linux box & the Emteria OS Pi to the same network WiFi.

    On the Emteria OS Pi I installed ADB Manager, not sure if that was necessary, but it was a no brainier.
    Start the Adb manager on Emteria OS. It will asked for Superuser permission allow it.
    You will see running and the ip and port.

    On the Linux box.
    adb devices
    you should see the Emteria Pi ip address as listed.
    adb connect Emteria Pi ip:port
    adb root
    adb push Authority_keys /data/ssh
    adb ls /data/ssh
    you should now see Authorized_keys as one of the files.
    adb reboot

    After Emteria Pi reboot, got to settings scroll down to Emteria and you will now be able to turn on Enable Integrated SSh mode.

    Test with putty as stated in the link you can now connect.

    You should now turn off ADB Manager and ADB connection under Settings.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks to the all the above Posters: SanderK : Malevris : kalkov for making this possible.


  • @node, great writeup, thank you very much!

  • Hello i referenced me with this source but no idea how is the root password. And i never set one by myself. Is there a default one ? (hope not) how may i set the root password. command passwd don't work.
    Thank you a lot in advance for answer. cheers

  • There is no root password. The user is authenticated by the private/public key pair. Android doesn't support passwords for now.

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    Ok thank you for fast answer.
    The problem is, i did procedure to use the ssh connection, described. But now i get the answer "root@emteria.Os.ip: Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)." if i apply the command "sudo ssh root@emteria.Os.ip"...
    how may i do for having a good ssh connection. The machine that i use for the command is an ubuntu 18.04.
    Thanks in advance for helping.

  • @cemoi71,
    only a guess, are you on emteria v0.9.0 ??

    in that case i got the same or at least similar error message.
    please look into this thread to find the fix there:


  • @DrRokko no i'm still on v0.8.1. the only thing that i didn't understand is how is solved the root password if none is given...

  • @cemoi71 you need to read about SSH key pairs

  • @kalkov currently i'm really confused because i followed this and this and it doesn't work. no idea why, even if i search overall on the web.
    i'm not able to connect with ssh root@ip. no one help or seems to be interested. Is something incomplet in those source? or have potential to misunderstanding? i don't know... reading about ssh key pairs... don't know what exactly should i remark... as newbie.
    saw this is that a good one?
    Please help me.

  • Did you try installing 0.7.1? If it works, should read DrRokko's comment.

  • @kalkov, i've installed the 0.8.1 which works well (without this ssh issue). I don't understand why i should retrofit onto the v0.7.1 if the 0.8.1 is an improvement of it.
    by all my respect i find a little bit strange...
    Just a small question (please don't take it as negative), has the v0.8.1 some kind of regression at this place for this interface?
    I'm sorry at this moment i can't take more time to experiment this. I enjoy that it currently works with android apps with th 0.8.1. The ssh connection would be a bonus.
    I'll try a gain later in few weeks, if i'll give me enough time for it...
    Thanks a lot for reaction.

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