Set custom app to autostart in Kiosk mode

I'm trying to autostart our application in Kiosk mode. But it is not listed as one of the applications in the selection box.

What do I need to do to allow a custom APK to run in Kiosk mode?

Emteria 13.5, RPi4B


  • Hi @dpv
    That's interesting. The autostart lists all installed apps that have a launchable Activity.
    Do you see a shortcut to your apk in the drawer?

  • @smieschek thanks for the reply. There is a shortcut on the desktop to launch the application but it does not show up anywhere else that I am aware of. What do you mean by "drawer"?

    FYI the app was installed using adb install *.apk.

  • @dpv Installing through adb is fine. The drawer is the list of apps that comes up when you swipe from bottom up on the home screen.

    Does your activity have an intent filter for: ?

    Kiosk isn't listing other launchers, but just ordinary apps.

  • dpvdpv
    edited February 28

    @smieschek got I'm seeing the app listed now. User error :)

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