OS crashes on an Internet change

Anytime there's a change in the internet status of the RPi 5 (removing the ethernet cable for instance) or if i even navigate to the wifi settings page, the entire OS crashes. It's up to date, but it has also always given the "There's a problem with the device" message upon loading the OS.

Are these known bugs and are there any known fixes?



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    Hi @MFM
    Kind of known bugs, but no fixes available, yet. I must also admit that it will take quit some time for the next version for RPi5 as we are fixing some issues for the RPi4 first.
    I'll let you know once we've tackled the connectivity issues or when I have more information about it.

  • @MFM Can you do me a favor and check in emteria settings what exact version you have installed of emteria.OS? Should be three numbers separated by dots

  • Just tested with v14.0.39 and connecting/disconnecting Ethernet works for me. Changing / connecting to a WiFi network also doesn't crash.

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