USB Debugging

I'm trying to establish an ADB connection though USB instead of ethernet, but have been unsuccessful so far. I connected a Pi4B (running Emteria 14.2.0) to my PC using the USB-C port on the device, but it doesn't show up as an ADB device. I made sure that USB debugging is enabled in the developer options.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this feature not supported?


  • @SanderK I don't think we support it, but I don't have such a cable at hand.
    Why do you need it and why doesn't the WiFi/Ethernet debugging work in that case?

  • @smieschek Honestly I don't know why ethernet debugging is not working for me right now, but I thought I could maybe circumvent the issue by using a USB connection instead.
    Too bad it's not supported. I'll try to find out why ethernet debugging is broken for me.

  • @SanderK try disabling adb in emteria settings and enabling it again

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