Switching Kiosk mode on/off won't work.

Hi, I'm a newbie of the Emteria OS and I'm trying to push out an app developed in MS MAUI using a RPi4 2GB. The Emteria OS I choose is the v13.5 because it seems a good balance between features and performances. The features I'm trying to set are: SSH server for local management, MDM and VNC server for remote management, screen's keep awake, autostart of my app and kiosk mode. The issue arises when I try to enable/disable the kiosk mode: if it is on and the autostart of my app is properly configured, across a reboot I see the kiosk mode but it not start the app; if I try to disable the kiosk mode, it remains always on across reboots too. This happens despite the fact that I disable it via the Emteria settings or via the MDM/dashboard. Any suggestion? I can't push out devices if these features don't work as expected.
Thanks for any suggestion, Andrea.


  • Hi @AValori
    v13.6.0 fixed some Kiosk issues according to the release notes. It's in the beta channel, but for testing you could update and see if it also fixed your issue.
    In general I would advice to use a v14 image, if there are no hard requirements for v13. We are actively developing on v14 and thus bugfixes are first released there and only afterwards backported to older versions.

  • Hi @smieschek, thanks for your reply. I'm in contact with your team and they help a lot me in order to fix or workaround these issues and I try to help them posting everything appears strange for me. I'm waiting for your fixes. Regarding for v14, on RPi4 2GB it appears to me a bit heavy for the board, so I prefer the v13 on this board. At now, despite some workarounds needed, the OS runs quite fine and smoothly so I've started to push out devices to our customers.

  • @AValori Did you try if v13.6.0 has it fixed for you?
    Otherwise there is a pending release of v13.7.0 in the next couple of days.

  • Hi @smieschek I've tested the v13.7.0 of your OS and post some issues that need to be fixed to Igor. He tells me that he will forwarding them to the development team so you should have them. Waiting for feedback, thanks Andrea.

  • I have the identical issue as was first stated. Has anything been done to resolve this yet?

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